About Us


Hello, everyone! ⁠

I’m Elena and I’m a co-founder of Charlie’s Son brand. Welcome to my world of fashion. You’re absolutely gonna love it. ⁠

I have been working in political journalism for 17 years. But I was always in love with fashion. At the beginning of my career, I used to work for a fashion magazine. That was how I discovered all about fashion and style. ⁠

After a while, my passion for fashion transformed into an idea of my own brand.

I wanted to create a perfect shirt. As perfect as art, couture, and high society outfits.

✔ And I managed to do this. Charlie’s Son shirts are something that I am really proud of. Together with the best Italian couturiers and British tailors, we have created this line of perfect shirts.⁠

✔️ Our shirts are easy-to-iron so you won’t waste your time ironing them. They are made of 100% natural materials so they are extremely comfortable to wear. We do our best to help you shop consciously. That’s why we reduce packing materials. ⁠